Tusong Sammy "Fat at Last"
Recorded 'Live'
with his "Planet Arkestra"
at the
Phantom Theater

Tusong Sammy (AKA "Pony Sugroo", Sam "Sandy" Winters, Mr. GoldBug) here offers you a CD of tunes selected from his repetoire.

Tusong Sammy's career spans 6 decades (gulp!!) having played his first paying gig at age 13. He has spent all of his adult life (when exactly did that start??) as a professional musician and musical instrument maker and repairman, as well as college instructor, electro-mechanical designer, cabinet maker, and print-maker. (Let's not forget to mention school-bus driver, newspaper boy, house-painter, mill-right, waiter, Easter bunny, lawn attendant, etc.) He has performed thru-out the USA as well as Europe and the Far East. He has a Bachelors Degree in Music Theory and Composition and a Masters Degree in Music History.

His repetoire includes cowboy songs, folk songs of America and the British Isles, the occasional "cover" song, Irish tunes, blues tunes, jazz tunes, show and novelty tunes, original tunes and the ever present "wall paper" music. (Is it "new age"? No. Is it "alternative"? I think not.)

Of course songs are sung and instruments played, including guitar, bass, piano, banjo, various other keyboards, and concertina. Is this this the greatest CD ever recorded? Well, ...maybe.

Click on the image to purchase "Fat at Last" by Tusong Sammy...$9.00 (including post and handling)

Below is a selection of MP3 tunes you can sample. In order to keep the file size small enough they have been converted to Mono so the stereo image is not accurate, but you'll get the idea. Each tune is about 350K to 400K so it should take no longer than a minute or two to download each one. Of course, it will download considerably faster if you are DSL or Cable.

Tunes with Words

  • Shake Sugaree, a classic American folk tune attributed to Elizabeth Cotton, but I suspect it is much older. Learned from Art Theime, one of the last of the real American Folk Singers.

  • Rosemary Lane, learned from an old Bert Jansch vinyl, a tune of innocence and loss.
  • ,
  • Arthur McBride, the daughter of a friend of mine considers this to be a Christmas song. I suppose it is.

  • Geordie, a historical tune about everything, love, war, brinksmanship and, ultimately, diplomacy. Clutching "Win Win" from the jaws of "Lose Lose". ,

  • Ol Blue, All-American folk song. Thru and thru.

  • Wild Mountain Thyme, one of the oldest folk songs in the english language. Say no more.

  • All the following tunes except for Sally Gardens are Copyright S.E. Winters 1996-2002

    Real World Instrumentals

  • The Lexington Whirl

  • Junior Junior Skyhook

  • Hello Goodbye

  • Bryns Bounce

  • Sally Gardens

  • Jemmas Jam

  • Wallpaper Music, that is, Cyber-tunes and Electronica
  • Jakarta

  • The Lion Sleeps

  • The Girl on a Swing

  • Walking Music

  • Other tunes that may or may not be included on the CD. The CDs are burned individually and can be custom burned to your playlist. Let me know by email if you see anything you specifically want.

    Diamond Joe
    Bufallo Skinners
    I Ride an Old Paint
    Jesse James
    Spanish is the Lovin' Tongue
    Will James
    Free Falling
    The Wife of the Soldier
    Wild Mountain Thyme
    Shake Sugaree
    Little Brown Dog
    Arthur McBride
    The Patriot Game
    Lord Franklin
    Who Knows Where the Time Goes
    Sally Gardens
    Rollin in the Rye Grass
    Big Road Blues
    Streets of Laredo
    Lady Gaye
    The Unquiet Grave
    The Wind that Shakes the Barley
    Kid on the Mountain
    The Silver Spear
    The Bird in the Bush
    The Morning Star
    The Ships are Sailing
    Little Sadie
    John Hardy
    Nine Pound Hammer
    Punky's Dilemna
    Ain't Misbehavin
    Take Five
    Sheebeg Sheemor
    Raglan Road
    Danny Boy
    Eighty Acres
    Song for Ireland
    Ramblin' Irishman
    Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
    The Old Bush
    Maids of Mount Cisco
    Cooleys Hornpipe
    The Grey Funnel Line