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(Now, What kinda web-site wouldya be widout free stuff?)

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We give away free products on a random basis (about every 100 e-mails) and you will only qualify if we have your e-mail address. Of course we will also use your address to keep you updated on new products. Be assured that your address will be given to no-one else by us.

The most dependable way to leave your e-mail address is to click here to send us a message from your mail program. This way we get an accurate address to reply to. (We've had several inaccurate e-mail addresses that have resulted in "Failure to Deliver" notices.) Just put 'Give-away' in the subject line. Please tell us anything else you'd like us to know about you or any comments and/or questions about our products.

Please check our Message Board if we have failed to respond to a question or comment.

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